For retail

We offer all the features you store needs to manage stock, labeling, sales & loyalty programs. Please find below a preview of our main features.

The cash register

Modular, portable and interconnected, our cash register software is suited for all types of businesses. It works with both Android and iOS. It is quickly set up, user-friendly, connected to the Cloud to enable fast roll-out, real-time consolidation, remote follow-up and frequent backup.

Customer & loyalty management

  • Management of customer record & of prices
  • Customer habits, attendance record, sales history
  • SMS campaigns, emailing
  • Cross-store loyalty program
  • Cross-aisle loyalty

Customer billing

  • 100% email-based, no more shipping costs
  • Real-time, fully automated
  • For hotel mode: at account closing time
  • For Senior Home mode: weekly/monthly

Stock management

  • Multi-barcodes per item
  • Proposition of supplier orders based on min/max stock & on customer orders
  • Reception of supplies
  • Labeling
  • Inventory management (correction, total)
  • Inter-store transfers/delivery management
  • Products classified by supplier and by price
  • Multi-units (Kg, Liter, Bottle, Pack)
  • Multi-packaging (box / pallet /…)
  • Data input per inventory terminal or hand scanner
  • Printing of personalized aisle-end display labels
  • Buying price, P.A.M.P, Min Stock, Max Stock

Size & color management

  • Size chart-based item management
  • Collection plugin for orders management

Gift cards & vouchers

  • Serialized gift card management
  • Partial use
  • Expiration dates
  • Voucher generator for returned goods

Connexion to interconnected device

  • Weighing scales
  • Payment terminals
  • Scanner guns
  • Price & stock checker
  • Book checks, eco-checks
  • Coin acceptor

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